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Miles 'Tails' Prower (born September 3, 1989, age 8) is an anthropomorphic 2-Tailed Fox who is 4 and a half years old. He is as close as brothers with Sonic the Hedghehog. While Tails is indeed useful to Sonic in many situations, he can be a hindrance. Because he is very young and cannot defend himself, he is incredibly susceptible to being kidnapped by Robotnik, and used as bait for Sonic. Sonic appears to know of this flaw and does his best to protect him, but his protection methods are often the reason why Tails gets kidnapped in the first place. Like Sonic, his favorite food is chili dogs, but apparently Tails likes extra cheese on his. Tails his also a glutton, has seen in "Too tall Tails" and "Boogie mania". He hates his real name and doesn't want anyone to know about it, a fact that Sonic occasionally exploits to blackmail him out of danger. However, in the episode, "Tails' Tale", He reveals his full name to Capt. William Le Duck; one of his heroes (before Sonic). He's also One of The Two Protagonists of The Series.


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He is an Orange-Brown 2-Tailed Fox. He wears two white gloves, a white pair of socks, and Red Sneakers with White Tips. In " Tails New Home" he seems to be around the same height as a baby as he is presently.

Baby Tails Edit

As a baby, Tails believed he was a bird and says he was lost for a long time. He also could be called creepy asking if Sonic wanted to see him fly. This reveals that he always knew how to fly, or at least since he was a 1-year old. He met Sonic after
NewHome 159

Baby Tails carrying Sonic in a sack

being dropped out of a bird's nest and injuring Sonic a few times.

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At the end of the episode Boogey Mania, after eating a lot of junk food, Tails gains weight. Sonic notices that by saying "You sure packed away a lot of junk food there". His belly expands and then he burps.

Tails gets fat after eating too much junk food.

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While Tails is the best could flying really good.
Aosth tails is pretty neat

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So, Tails got a one the chaos emerald power-up.
Tails, in a costume

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